New Parents


This new bundle of life can give you more joy and satisfaction than you ever imagined.

It may have been an enormous shock to learn that your new baby has Down syndrome. You may be full of fear, doubt and uncertainty, but those feelings will change once you get to know your little one. Never before in history have parents of babies with Down syndrome been as well equipped to deal with the special needs of their children. We have learned that our children are not much different than others, and given the same love, environment and learning experiences they can realize their full potential.

It is important to know that you are not alone. One out of every 800 births is a child with Down syndrome. The members of the Panhandle Down Syndrome Guild (PDSG) also have children with Down syndrome and we have been where you are now. We can show you that this is not the end of the world - just a little different life path than you may have planned.

Please call us any time you have questions, need assistance, just want to talk or are ready to participate in activities. You will find that your child will bring more blessings to you and your family than you could ever have imagined.